Enjoy a 30 minute one-on-one shopping experience with Supermodel Adriana Lima on November 30, 2015 in New York City.

You will also receive a Victoria’s Secret gift card valued at $500 for your shopping trip.

July 27th

Hello Adri-lovers!  How are you guys? I hope y’all are doing well. I know the site was being outdated for a few days, but i would like to say, Adri didn’t do a lot in this week, so there weren’t really ”news”, but i would like to say too, that we are trying our hardest, and even if you see this site outdate, it means: There’s nothing new, or maybe we are busy with our personal life. We are working to bring the best features and content to our fansite, and mainly because we want to create special things for you guys, we are planning in doing such huuuge things, you have no idea! We are starting a new fresh start, and the first step of it, is getting our gallery finally a design! We are totally in looove with the design that was made by my talented friend ”Brian” (you can click HERE to see his upcoming works) and that you can visit it RIGHT NOW!

Check our new gallery!

June 3rd

Did you love the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows? Yes? Of course, we all do! In the past year, we had a nice fashion show, that made history: two fantasy bra’s! And who wore them? Our goddess Adriana with the stunning Alessandra Ambrosio, two good friends and beautiful models! The past show was celebrated in London, England, so, where is the 20th Fashion Show going to be?

The first EVER fashion show was placed in The grand apple, New york, and they decided to go back to their roots and celebrate the show there for the 20th Fashion Show. Are you excited?

We can’t wait to see how the show is gonna look, the costumes and who’s gonna wear the fantasy bra this year!

May 27th

This is what you guys were waiting for! We apologize for not updating the site when the first pictures appeared but, we wanted to update the site when we had the best quality. Let’s talk about our goddess; she didn’t did anything ”extravagant” but actually she shocked many of us (as usual) with her beauty and her classy taste for the look, she did simple; a long Ulyana Sergeenko black dress, with one side hairstyle, a bold red lipstick with her classic eyewing, red nails, beautiful shoes and some jewelry. Adri never fails to look the best for Cannes (well, for everything)!

image host image host image host
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May 20th

As the picture below, our goddess has been seen shooting for Maybelline.

Hey man! Don’t turn around unless you want to fall in love!


May 16th

If you read the previous post, you will know that Adriana has sent congrats to Maybelline @Twitter for their 100th birthday (kudos to them!) but you ALSO have to know, that our goddess has been featured in their special site for their 100years anniversary; their team of international makeup artists took inspiration from decades past to create modern looks to rock tonight! Adriana has been feature in the site as ”future” [Fearless Femme] makeup look, and yes! she looks amazing as usual, we can see a tutorial where Adriana is teaching us how to get her gorgeous Fearless Femme look and she’s been feature in a video with makeup artist Yadim.

Maybelline-Fearless-Femme-Tutorial-Step-1 Maybelline-Fearless-Femme-Tutorial-Step-2 Maybelline-Fearless-Femme-Tutorial-Step-3 Sin título-1

Visit the Maybelline Site  and watch the video below!:


May 14th