Adriana tweeted today that sadly she’s not able to attend the opening of the Victoria’s Secret store in Shanghai on March 8th. In her place will be Josephine Skriver along Alessandra Ambrosio, Mengyao Xi and Sui He.

March 3rd

Adriana; If we needed to put in words the love that we feel, i must say, that is almost impossible,
i think we would need to write a bible! Adriana, we really reaaally love you, we admire you, and we
SUPPORT YOU, this day is special for us, because is the day, that you were born; the woman that EVERYDAY inspires, the woman that EVERYDAY give us new lessons, the woman who is such a BEAUTIFUL MOM, and TALENTED human being. And please! Keep being this awesome woman that you are! Keep smiling! Because when you smile, your fans are happy! We love you, and we wish you an amazing happy birthday! Parabéns Adriana! Nos te amamos com a vida! – Lika & Brenda
And please! Check the project that we worked on it; a lot of fans sent messages, graphics and videos for your birthday!
We would appreciate a LOT if you check it!

We waited so long for this day, and we are really happy to finally know that the day has come.
We worked really hard for you Adriana, because we wanted to make you happy, in any way as possible,
because sadly, we know that not only the staff of this fansite, but fans around the world, don’t have the chance to meet you and gift you something, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t make something for you. There’s a lot of love from your fans, you have no idea!

From GoddessAdriana, we AS FANS, are happy to run such beautiful and warm project,
we are incredibly thankful to all those fans who joined this project, it means a LOT to us,
not only because we are a fansite and we want to provide the best, but because, this was
our little present to Adriana, our beautiful idol.

God bless you and your entire family!



June 12th

Isn’t this sweet? In the date 21/05, our goddess met a sweet fan. Adriana invited her to have lunch and she spent the time with her fan on her yacht in Cannes before she left. They took pictures together and Adri signed an autograph for her, luuuucky!

We are jealous but happy for the fan! Once again, our beautiful Adri, has showed how down to earth she is and how she cares for her fans.





Source: Tumblr & LipstickAlley

May 23rd