Remember that Adriana was trained with Manny Pacquiao? Our girl is heading to Vegas to see ”Saturday’s big matchup”. Adriana spent more than a decade boxing and she’s really excited to support Pacquiao, who’s gonna fight with Floyd Mayweather , which the boxing world has been for waiting years. She even posted a tweet about the upcoming fight and tells TIME:

“I’m a big Pacquiao fan and boxing fan, obviously,” “I don’t think everybody thought [the fight] was going to happen, but it’s the fight of the century and I’m going to be there in the arena.”

“It’s my first fight,” Lima says. “And for the first fight to be watching two of the greatest middleweight boxers in the world, it’s a dream for me.”

The matchup is expected to bring in at least $400 million in total revenue from sources like ticket sales, pay-per-view broadcast, sponsorships and merchandise. Even Mike Tyson has weighed in on the outcome, backing Pacquiao and calling Mayweather “a small, scared” competitor.

May 1st