VF: Walking on the Met Gala red carpet is similar to be on the runway?
AL: Yes, but for the red carpet you have more time. When you’re on the runway you’re always in a hurry. Today I had 2 hours and a half to prepare myself
VF: What you wanted to be when you were a child?
AL: I wanted to be a peditrician, because I love children. But I started modeling and I have never stop working since then.
VF: What’s your most Brazilian side?
AL: Everything is Brazilian on me, the silhouette, the way I walk, dance and talk.
VF: How do you keep such a wonderful body after having 2 kids?
AL: Working very hard boxing at the gym.
VF: There’s something of you that you don’t like?
AL: I don’t like my teeth.
VF: Have you ever thought about retiring from modeling?
AL: I want to be a model for many more years. We women get more confident of ourselves getting older. I’d like to be an actress, maybe working with Quentin Tarantino: if he wants me I’m ready!

May 15th